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There is some controversy in the Latino poetry circle about headlining with this as a promotional tool. How was your experience with Def Poetry, and what are your thoughts about using it in promotion? I sometimes see it pop up as a promotional headlining tool with my name attached. It was many years ago but organizers still use it to draw people to their events.

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Has your experience there shaped your outlook and work relative to the Latino community? What were the benefits and challenges of being at the forefront of such a sizable institution? I knew where they were coming from and it was not a place of malice. As the host, I became the poster child surrounding that controversy.

I got a lot of hate mail thanks to a rather biased New York Times article.

Some of it ignorantly demeaned my stance in relation to my being gay. In retrospect, I comprehend why that word conjured up so much anger. The event name was changed, things eventually settled down and I was invited back as the series host for two seasons. We went on to have some wonderful features.

ESPERANZA by El Davíd | The Acentos Review

I even edited an anthology based on the series Me No Habla With Acento and it was a great experience to have a small part in having a museum embrace spoken word poetry as a genuine art form. You have a long history of the written and published word to go along with your spoken word resume. How important is poetry for our community, and what is the role of publishing that our people need to know about in the greater conversation about writing our stories?

Publishing is essential to our legacy. However, after we are gone, it is the books and poems we leave behind that others will turn to to learn about our lives.

Latino/a Poets Roundtable

I work for Random House, the largest publishing company in the world, and yet I publish through small presses because I am not Billy Collins or Maya Angelou. That disparity helps me have a better understanding of the overall importance of publishing. Our stories not only need to be heard by our immediate audiences right now but also read by the person looking for inspiration out in the middle of nowhere in years to come.

You were born and raised in Bushwick Brooklyn, not far from where we do Capicu shows. A neighborhood undergoing heavy changes with gentrification. How do you view these changes? I read it now and it is totally retro. Bushwick today is nothing like it was sixteen years ago.

Nancy Mercado

In another sixteen years it will be that much more nostalgic. I said this at a recent event in Bushwick and I meant it. Now I totally fit in and I could have brunch in my own neighborhood if I wanted to. This is not some unique phenomenon exclusive to Bushwick. Nothing is forever. The reason hipsters gentrify neighborhoods is because they are struggling artists looking for affordable housing.

Once those neighborhoods are hip and trendy, the wealthy become interested, the rents get raised and soon the hipsters get displaced themselves. This is one of the greatest cities in the world and everybody wants to find a way to live here. I will say this for gentrification- our local school systems benefit. If you could go back in time and talk to 16 year old Emanuel Xavier, what would you tell him? Learn to love yourself. It does get better and your life and perseverance will prove that. PaPo Swiggity is a Brooklyn born Nuyorican Poet, emcee, community leader and cofounder of Capicu Cultural Showcase, a multicultural producer of performing arts events in New York City formed using the philosophies of the most progressive intellectual and artistic movements of the last century.

Mi gente! Once a street hustler and drug dealer, Emanuel Xavier has conducted spoken word poetry workshops and produced benefits and events for youth organizations around the United States. Recipient of the Marsha A.

Roberto Clemente Walker, by Chilo dir by Advocate of Wordz

Wonder Lee aims to inspire a positive social conscience, and encourages all to use what they have, be less wasteful, and leave a better eco-footprint. Wonder creates an originally designed line of bow ties handcrafted with both reused Lego bricks, and various materials. Edition: certifiedsofrito. About Me… George Torres. Check this out SocialSofrito , Community , My Thoughts.

An Evening of Poetry with Anne Champion & Sheila Maldonado

Trending Topics:. Home About Me… George Torres. Published On: Tue, Jun 18th, Community By Urban Jibaro. Buen provecho… In your pre-poetic past life, you were a Brooklyn raised hustler and drug dealer at some of the biggest clubs in New York City. Walk us through that transition… I guess I have a compelling background. Related News. Unhustling My Life. Deal Finder. Join Our Facebook Community. Hispanicize Wire News.