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Udgiverens beskrivelse

Buy As Gift. Overview When the police are asked to investigate the brutal murder of bookseller Brian MacDonald, who's been stabbed in the back with his letter opener, they have no trouble locating suspects, because MacDonald has been less than honest in his dealings. But Detective Bentley Hollow has problems of his own: his wife has left him, and he detests his new partner.

Still, he has to find a solution to the crime, and when he does, his life will be irrevocably changed. The first in a new series. Product Details. Unfortunately for him, his arch-nemesis Nicholas Rokoff arrives at the exact same time. Hot jungle babes, savage beasts, and a mountain of gold await the ape-man in Lord of the Jungle The Treasure Vaults of Opar! The Spider ventures to Albany to investigate the newly elected governor who has signed all of the unjust measures into law, while Green Hornet seeks to find the secret masters of the Justice Party.

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  • Murder of a Bookman: A Bentley Hollow Collectibles Mystery Novel.
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The Shadow encounters other heroes who have run afoul of the Black Legions, and still more individuals are inspired to don masks and take to the streets in the name of justice. Carl Kolchak, whether he wants the mantle or not, is the world's premier supernatural investigator. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, he has seen it all. Can even all the horrors he has stumbled across prepare him for the monstrous denizens of the Lovecraft Mythos, let alone its most damned volume, the Necronomicon? Told in widevsion! They are stories of modern-day buccaneers—who behave a lot like their olden-day counterparts—smoothly-plotted tales, with high adventure, exotic locations, perilous predicaments, motley collections of characters, understated violence and heavy romance—the epitome of pulp adventure of the era.

Lady to Kill To get to the bottom of a business deal gone bad, Chance Molloy seeks answers from a young woman on a train—but gets more than he expected. Kerry Keen is a young millionaire playboy by day to hide his nocturnal adventures as a costumed airborne crime fighter!

From a secret underground hangar on his Long Island estate in the Graylands, The Griffon takes to the skies in the Black Bullet, his supercharged and heavily armed seaplane on missions of justice and vengeance! These new tales take Kerry and his companions, Barney O'Dare and Barbara "Pebbles" Colony back into the skies for six terrific flights of danger and intrigue! This stunning collection features an incredible cover by Mike Fyles as well as fantastic format and design by Sean Ali! Dogaru, Don Thomas and R.

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The hero pulps revitalized an industry laid low by the Great Depression, and they dominated the rough-paper field for the rest of the decade. They remain the most avidly collected and frequently reprinted periodicals in the hobby. The initial cycle of short stories was published between hard covers later that year as The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu.

The Mystery Girl by Carolyn WELLS - Detective Fiction - Full AudioBook

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Months of planning and effort have gone into its making. The best known and most able detective-story writers have been called upon—for their best. Only the smallest proportion of a flood of manuscripts has been chosen.

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In addition, you will find that quality which appears in a detective story only once in a blue moon—the bizarre! He was serious! Strange Detective Mysteries was beyond weird. Starring master magician Aubrei Dunne, it was a wild excursion into a criminal cult dedicated to murder and mayhem. Narrated by Michael C. The Spider Legions of the Accursed Light Death Without warning the green death ray struck at New York City — burning to charred cinders the helpless humans who crossed its path!

Works (1,312)

Upon America's proudest city, the Eye of Flame had loosed his fire-fiends, and now the triumphant underworld, freed from prisons by his hand, stalked unchecked among the smoking embers. Alone of all men, Richard Wentworth, in the Spider's weird disguise, dared fight for a doomed people against the mightiest menace the world had yet seen — a monster who had made millions out of men when he turned them into flaming torches! The Spider The Grey Horde Creeps Down from Kentuck's bleak hills swept the avalanche of stark-naked albino killers — sacking and slaying as they advanced upon New York!

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Neither bullet nor cold steel could halt that eerie grey mob, invulnerable against all attack, and as they emerged from Manhattan's subways, loosing the Underworld's cohorts upon our proudest city, it seemed that America was doomed. Only one individual — Richard Wentworth, in the Spider's black guise — dared combat this unheard of menace — fighting an epic battle against a master of murder who had turned civilization back five thousand years in order to loot its coffers!

Barry then talks about the Prince of Evil storyline as a whole and why he thinks it ranks among the greatest Shadow stories of all time. If you love the greatest pulp hero of all time, then this is the show for you! Proudly sponsored by Blue Coal Anthracite!

This short fiction collection assembles 16 stories, most of them published from by Ed Lynskey. Sharon Knowles with her cast as a university student while she interns at the Washington, D. Five stories feature the P. Frank Johnson series character. When weapons go missing from within the company, Wentworth begins an investigation that leads him to a dangerous terrorist plot that threatens to destroy the company, and much more!

Mayhem and mind-control clash, pulp style, as one of the original Spider supporting characters makes his first appearance in the new series. Lovecraft's tips for fictioneers - New! Patrick Greene ; Introduction by Ed Hulse The long-running and much-beloved series from the pages of Short Stories is finally collected in order and with a plethora of bonus material.

Join Aubrey St. This collection includes the first 12 stories, uncut and with all the original illustrations, along with Greene's correspondence, and an article by Archibald Bittner on the author. Capped with a career-spanning introduction by pulp historian Ed Hulse, this is a collection decades in the making. Who could pull off such a coup, and what danger might that murderous bomber do to Colt City and Black Beetle? Cool Rockets launches their line of Buck Rogers models, recreating the spaceships from the s and s, with the Asterite.

Books by Gary Lovisi

Made of resin, taken from a master by Jeff Brewer, the Asterite features the clasic retro spaceship style. The Asterite model measures 12" long and is limited to pieces. With no hope and a broken heart, the Cimmerian is horrified at how appealing he finds Belit's order to abandon the ship and his queen! The haunting conclusion of "The Death"! Now, when a small group of scientists and fortune hunters explore the jungles of Big Tamtung, they must endure frightening tests of their ingenuity and courage, as they struggle against ancient terrors--a lost world of dinosaurs and a miracle older than time.

With a non-human language spoken by Biblical patriarchs and coded secrets scribbled in the suppressed log of Darwin as their only clues, "Tombstone" Jack Kavanaugh and his partner, Augustus Crowe, discover secrets linking Prima Materia to the hidden history of humanity. Kavanaugh and Crowe lead a pair of cynical scientists and the notorious Madame Bai Suzhen through the seething cauldron of a bizarre ecosystem--the remnant of an Earth that was and might be again.

Pursued by a crew of bloodthirsty Triad assassins and frighteningly intelligent monsters spawned by a twisted evolution, Kavanaugh and Crowe are no longer interested in seeking a fortune, but merely in staying alive. Deep in the broiling jungle, amid ruins half as old as time, they plunge into the heart of humanity's greatest mystery--and to a violent confrontation with a misshapen madman who lusts after a miracle but will settle for murder.

Collectable, Rare, 1st Editions & Signed Books including Children’s Collectables…

Lavishly illustrated by Jeff Slemons! Art Gallery: Spicy Adventure! Nick becomes involved with the engine and its driver after receiving a telegram from the railroad. The authorities were suspicious that something was wrong and sent two packages, addressed to Jasper Colton, one containing the money and the other some socks!