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​The Skeleton Key to Success in Trading
  1. Stock Photo - A golden retro skeleton key, Key to success
  2. What Is the Symbolism of Skeleton Keys?

Stock Photo - A golden retro skeleton key, Key to success

As far as I can tell from my work with thousands of clients this function of the vagal response system is deeply intertwined with the Neurocognitive Developmental Level you are operating from as well. Literally, where in your brain you preference when you are noticing information in the environment, making sense of what you notice, making decisions based on what you perceive, and taking action based on the decisions you make. In the ACT! A simple example of this would be whether you are noticing for risk or opportunity, the sequence in which you do that assuming you can notice for risk and opportunity , and the way you balance how you make sense of both in relationship to one another.

For example making a decision to walk through a dark alley late at night in an unfamiliar neighborhood to cut ten minutes off the time it would take to get to your hotel if you walked the long way might suggest that the more useful strategy is to first access the risk and act with some degree of risk aversion. Understanding that you are not stuck to one fixed way of thinking about the world, or using one fixed, default pattern of response is the first step in freeing yourself to experience a major update to your worldview and the model of the world you operate from, as well as the ability to reap massive rewards associated with significantly increasing your level of adaptability.

Joseph Riggio, Ph.

Weekly Dose: Faith is the Skeleton Key

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What Is the Symbolism of Skeleton Keys?

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